rfbooth.com :: cruft

The stuff here is pretty much that which wouldn't fit into any of the other sections. There's a brief biography, which is almost unaltered from the one I wrote a good few years ago. Who knows, I may soon feel creative and autobiographical at the same time again.

There's also a selection of what used to be my favourite links. Again, the links section is little altered over the last year or so, simply because if the scale of the task involved. I am disinclined to actually post my bookmarks file, although the idea has a certain appeal.

Finally, if you actually want to contact me, go ahead. Don't say you weren't warned.

As yet, there's nothing else here. I may post some photographs for your horrified perusal, but I don't have any handy. I suspect that most of the people reading this probably know what I look like anyway, and if you don't, consider yourself specially blessed.