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Want to talk to me? Write to me? Hunt me down and kill me? Here's how.

  • My personal email address is rick@rfbooth.com. I read mail several times per day, almost every day. I believe in privacy and encryption, and use the Gnu Privacy Guard; my public key is available here.
  • My office is room Q6, in the Maths and Social Sciences building. There used to be a link to a campus map here, but they keep changing where it's all kept and I no longer care enough to keep up.
  • Office telephone (+44 161) 200 3211.
    Fax (+44 161) 200 3669
  • Dr. R. F. Booth,
    Department of Mathematics,
    PO Box 88,
    Manchester M60 1QD,

I can't think of any other details I want to post at the moment, apart from an ICBM address (latitude and longitude). Anyone got a GPS system handy, or a better idea?