rfbooth.com :: music

Guitars, big hair, cheesy catchy songs... these are just a few of the things that I like.

This is a (not-so) new section of the site. I plan to put up pictures, rambling, reviews, tablature, lyrics... everything I can think of, really. And actual music, performed and written by actual people, mainly “Rick Booth on the electric guitar”. And indeed, the electric vocal.

  • I'm in a band now. We play gigs and stuff, cover tunes.. It's like being a teenager again, but with fewer spots and better gear.
  • Actual music, for your downloading pleasure. Latest addition: “S.O.S.”.
  • A brief article on my first impressions of Power Tab, including how to actually use the fucking thing.
  • Steve Cobham's article on musicians and income tax.
  • Pictures and mutterings about my gear.
  • Other stuff: blank tab paper, blank tab and manuscript paper, and the same for bass (with and without manuscript). All generated through the wonders of Mup.