rfbooth.com :: gig lists :: gig submission instructions

If you have a ukmg-related gig and would like it listed on these pages and on the regular newsgroup post, here's how:

  • Send me a file containing the gig dates, locations and so on, one line per gig, with the date in reverse form. For example, our gig on the 30th of August 2003 at the Talbot in Wrexham is written as

    2003/8/30 The Talbot, Wrexham, 9:00pm.
  • Tell me the name of the band.
  • If this is the first time you've sent me gig dates and you want to have other brief info about the band listed (like a url, or who's in the band), tell me about it. If you've done this before, you need not do it again.
  • Send it to me at any of my email addresses, for example gigs@rfbooth.com.

You can send me dates as far in advance as you like; the software will keep track of them all and display them at the appropriate time.

The reason I would like dates in this slightly odd format is that that's the way the scripts I wrote to keep track of it all wants them <grin>. Your mail will be read by me rather than automatically processed, so other formats are OK; but I'm not in the business of retyping other people's gig listings.