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In the spirit of my Widdlefest II entry, "not rawk", here's my widdlefest 3 piece, “not blooz”.

Gear: Ibanez JEM777DY on bridge humbucker, into Chandler Tube Driver and Boss GL100, straight into SB Live with the APS drivers. Reverb, delay and denoising courtesy of the mighty Cubase. Mp3 made with WinLame. String damping courtesy of a very pink scarf left over from my glam days.

It's alternate picking pretty much throughout, and pretty easy apart from the last couple of bars.

If you want to print it out, it's here as a pdf file. Transcription typeset with Mup, in case you were wondering.

If you see broken images, it probably means you have a very old browser that can't view pngs. By all means get a new one - we should all burn all our gifs.

Page 1 of transcription Page 2 of transcription

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