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This is the oldest thought (ramble? rant? call them what you will) on this site, though it's changed. No more the faux-paper background, for example. Also, no more the ranting about image size tags and gratuitous frames. Instead, I'm going to talk about...

Flash. Some Flash sites are beautifully done, multimedia for people with fat pipes the way it's supposed to be, and provide alternatives for people who can't do flash. Other sites are making art with flash, and damn good some of them are too. Then there are cartoons too.

Flash for flash's sake, though, for lazy navigation bars, for obnoxious splash screens... well, that can blow me.

Lots of other things, like obnoxious pop-up and pop-under windows, tiny text sizes, and ridiculously slow adservers are less irritating now that the Mozilla project has borne its wonderfully capable fruit, so I'll leave those alone for now. Marvel at my forbearance, why don't you?