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It recently became clear that it would be handy to have a style or class file available for LaTeX users to write their exams with. Ideally, it would also be up to creating the appropriate exam front pages.

Being a geek who enjoys playing with LaTeX and who already had most of an exam style written for his own use, I immediately volunteered. So, here it is:

  • umaexam.cls: the class file itself.
  • template.tex: a file for use as a starting point when writing a paper. Almost the commands are commented out, so it produces lots of reminders until you put the (correct!) values in.
  • If you want to make your own cover page, you also need a UMIST crest.
  • fancyheadings.sty: If you don't have this package, you need it. (Standard MikTeX installs don't, for some reason.)
  • example.tex:an example of how to use it; the text of the questions is actually discussions of the commands and options.

The output of the example.tex file, as postscript, is example.ps.

To install this stuff, the simplest method is just to shove it all in the same directory where you're going to write the paper, rename the template.tex file and go for it.

Please note: this is still beta software, if not alpha, and as such is not guaranteed to work. It works for me, but maybe I'm just lucky. I will obviously attempt to fix bugs and clarify problems as soon as possible; If you have suggestions, comments or problems, please do let me know.