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Some people carry diaries. Some carry Palm Pilots or Psions. Some have secretaries. Some just remember stuff.

Being incapable of any of those solutions, I wrote a script to tell me what appointments I have in the next 28 days, whose birthday it is next week, and to handle my to do list.

Htmlcal is a Perl script, and so you'll need Perl if you want to use it. If you're on Unix, this is not a problem.

It reads a list of events from .htmlcal/events, and a to do list from .htmlcal/todo, and turns them into a HTML page in .htmlcal/calendar.html. (It also prints a text version to the console.) The day in the top left corner is always the day you ran it on, and the next 28 days are shown. I run mine every time I log in and automatically at 1am every morning, and use the output as my browser's startup page.

Downloadable goodies: the htmlcal script itself, and example events and to do files, and the output of the sample files (as run on 29/9/2001).